"River of blood"

Material Acryl
Size 30*40cm

It was probably the most emotional art I have ever made.
On this Art, I wanted to express all my pain from knowing how many women and girls were raped during this war.

I thought for a long time how to draw such a terrible action and try to find in my mind right way to express my thoughts. But after all weeks of thinking about this I was realizing art is partly given to us for that, to expose our most sore spots, and depict terrible things, presenting them to the observer society. The picture shows two girls. One tries to hide her naked body with the blanket, and the second cut off her long braid and asks the other to hide it at her blanket. Both of them do it in order to try to be not attractive and not be a sexual object for the soldiers.

It may seem that they are standing in the river, in part it is true.

It is a river of blood of rape and murdered women and children.

I cried while painting this picture.

I feel the big pain inside me to live in a world where a woman can be killed and raped without any punishment.