My name is Elena Zhytkevych

I was born in Ukraine, in the provincial town Krivoy Rog.
All my childhood I was a part of the art. My mother is a school teacher and she believed that for a young lady there can’t be anything better than studying. So I studied gymnastic, ballet, music (playing fortepiano) all my childhood. But I always wanted to paint, so at 2004 when I was 11 years old my mom took me to an art school. That’s how my romance with color, painting and learning art history started. I studied 4 years there and after finishing my art school I took private lessons and master classes.
My art is my way of experiencing myself.
I want to make a contribution towards getting people more confident and less shy about showing their deepest desires.
A large part of my work is drawing nude women, the reason for that is obvious - people shouldn't be emberrassed about beeing themsleves & showing their bodys, feelings and any kind of expression.
Since I'm drawing Alice in Wonderland and other fabulous fairy tail characters, I don’t want people to forget miracles are among us. A jester can become a king, and a king can be dethroned by a jester!
Life is Change and amazing, that’s what my art conveys.