"My best friend"

Material Acryl Size 40*50cm

If you know who I am, then obviously you know that I am Ukrainian. And it’s war in my country now.
I remember my grandmother who survived World War II, she told me how her brother died because she had enough pills for pneumonia, but he didn’t, I remember how she said that they went to school through the trenches and I remember how strange it was for me to see food supplies at her house.

It seemed so impossible and far away. Then the study about the war on the history lessons at school. But I never thought that I would wake up from bombs and calls "the war has begun"

I think that only a person who survived the war will never be the same. I definitely won't. This picture is not really about the war. It's about humanity. A lot of people who fled the war left their animals closed at home. Animals died from lack of water because there was enough food and the water dried up. And the animals died closed in apartments for 40-50 days at there home. Do you know where the animals died? They went to die on the bed of their owners, they “best friend”. Animals loved them with true pure love.

We all talk about the cruelty of war and the cruelty of world leaders, but what if you need to start with yourself? How can you betray someone for whom you are the whole world? If you want justice, then why have you yourself been unfair to your pets. SHAME to all who left their little friends to certain death.

For almost two years I have been the owner of a dog that I dreamed about all
my life.I don't like to draw self-portraits and portraits of real people in general. But sometimes emotions take over. This picture is me and my best friend. Richard I love you.